Having Fun with Virtual Learning!

With the beginning of a new term in the Primary school, this means IPC Entry Points! This is an activity to get the students to start thinking about the new unite and to be excited!

Our Year 3 students are starting their new International Primary Curriculum Unit - Shake It!
What a better way to start a unit of work than shaking milk to make your own ice cream, investigating the change in states of matter.
Thank you parents for supporting these activities whilst we deliver our online learning. We want all our students to experience the ‘Joy of Learning’ whether we are in school or online!
Well done Year 3 students and teachers!


Paper Origami
The Year 3 students had so much fun through virtual learning when their teachers challenged them to follow step by step instructions to make origami.
The students are currently doing an English Unit on Instruction Writing and this activity helped them to learn how to follow instructions on paper-folding and later how to give instructions for someone else to make an origami model.
They chose the origami of their choice, made it and wrote the instructions. It was great to see them having fun while enjoying their learning even while at home!
We can’t wait to have them bring their brilliant pieces of work to class so we can decorate our classrooms with colourful origami.
Keep up the great work!
Water Cycle
Year 5 students have been learning about the water cycle in their Science lessons.
Even though we have switched to virtual learning, science experiments still continue! Students used a zip lock bag partly filled with water, drew the processes involved in the water cycle and taped it to a window.
As the heat from the sunshine through the window causes the water to evaporate, the gas rises as it reaches the top of the bag, the water then condenses and runs down the bag to join the rest of the water. This was a great practical way for the students to explore the processes of the water cycle!
Well done Year 5 students and teachers!