Message from our Principal, Mr Paul Starkie

Your child will be joining their class, but the family will be joining the school

A warm welcome to Crescendo-HELP International School (CHIS). We are a school that is a close-knit community with a warm family atmosphere.

Developing well-rounded global citizens who will make a difference in the world

Our vision, mission and the nine masteries promoted at CHIS nurture students as creative, curious learners and critical thinkers. As a school we are inclusive and committed to develop our students to:

  • Be Caring, Considerate and Courteous
  • Be Respectful, Resilient, Responsible, Resourceful, Reflective and to be a Risk-taker
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Use technology safely to promote learning
  • Be active in developing a sustainable society.

We are ambitious for our students

Our dedicated and enthusiastic teachers enhance a love of learning in our students. We are ambitious for each student and we want them to be motivated for themselves and always be the very best they can be in everything they do.

The Principal

Mr Paul Starkie

Enriching the learning experiences of our young learners

At CHIS we adapt for our local and international context to ensure we provide a conceptual, integrated and enriched learning experience for our young learners. Students need to be able to read and write, manipulate numbers, use technology effectively when required and, hypothesis and investigate. Contextualizing our curriculum is essential so that students understand what they are learning and why. At every level we enable our students to be empowered, with the skills required to be effective learners.

Ensuring every student is safe and happy at school

We ensure every student is safe, happy and supported in achieving academically, personally and socially. Students must be resilient and be able to bounce back from disappointment and learn from their mistakes. These experiences help them learn and grow as individuals. Emphasizing and developing a growth mind-set is very important.

The most important people are our students, the most important resources are our teachers

When you visit our School, you will see the passion and commitment from our teachers and the motivation and engagement shown by students for their learning. We focus our attention on understanding the talents of every student to help them reach their full potential in every dimension of their learning. Our students have the capacity to achieve whatever they desire, and our responsibility is to enable them to fully realise their potential. We are committed to ensuring all students experience success and are supported so they achieve academically, personally and socially. Our students are empowered to collaborate with others, problem solve, take risks and accept challenges in their learning. The emotional well-being of our students will ensure they are happy and ultimately successful.

Developing well-rounded young people

Our staff are enthusiastic and dedicated and our students are motivated to achieve their very best in all aspects of school life. We strongly believe students develop as well-rounded young people with opportunities in a range of environments in order to grow and develop. We provide a wealth of leadership opportunities through our range of co-curricular activities which include competitive and recreational sport, performing arts, and a wide variety of other pursuits and experiences outside the classroom.

Every member of our school community is an ambassador for CHIS

We strongly believe that everyone in school should be a role model to others, from our youngest to our more senior students. We are all ambassadors for CHIS.

It is our passion that every child truly experiences the joy of learning with us at Crescendo-HELP International School.

Kind Regards,

Paul Starkie

A Partnership Built on Shared Academic Values

The Crescendo-HELP International School is built on a partnership between two leading organisations that share the belief that quality education can help people achieve success and significance in their lives.

Crescendo Education Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Bursa-listed Crescendo Corporation Berhad which has been established for over 25 years, building a strong reputation in various industries including property development, construction and education. In 2001, it established Crescendo International College which offers world-class tertiary education to students in Johor Bahru.

The HELP Education Group recently celebrated its 30th anniversary and has been one of the leading education groups in Malaysia, with over 10,000 students enrolled in its various institutions, including HELP Academy. In 2014, it established HELP International School in Subang Bestari, which has become the fastest growing international school in Malaysian history with over 1,300 students enrolled, and a school renowned for its academic quality, having won a 5-star rating from the Ministry of Education in just its second year.

With our shared passion for education, the partnership between Crescendo and HELP promises to deliver a world-class international school to Johor Bahru, at an affordable cost to families in this fast growing city.