1. Definitions

"The School" - means Crescendo-HELP International School.

"The Parent" - means any person or persons including legal guardians who has signed the Application for Admission and/or who has accepted responsibility for a child's attendance at the School. The Parent is legally responsible, individually and jointly, for complying with its obligations under the Terms and Conditions herein.

"The Student" - means the child named on the Application for Admission.

2. Application For Admission

  • The Parent intending to enrol his/her child to the School must complete, sign and submit an Application for Admission ("the Form"). Any false, inaccurate or misleading information contained in the Form may lead to the rejection of the application of admission or to the child's withdrawal from the School. The Parent, must at all times, keep the information contained in the Form updated with the School. The Parent authorises and/or consents to the School contacting the child's previous school(s) (if applicable), the child's medical officer(s) or such other persons for information relating to the child as and when the School deems necessary for considering the child for admission.
  • An Application Fee (as stipulated in the Schedule of Fees) shall be paid to the School together with the submission of the Form. The Application Fee shall be payable by the way of credit card or cheque/bank draft in the name of "Crescendo International School Sdn Bhd".
  • The Application Fee is not-transferable and non-refundable. The receipt of the Application Fee by the School does not oblige the School to admit and/or accept the child.

3. Acceptance or Rejection Application

  • The acceptance and/or admission of the child into the School shall be at the absolute discretion of the School. The School is not obliged to provide any justification or reason for a rejection of an application.
  • The School reserves the right to place the child in a class which the Principal/Head of School deems academically and developmentally suitable to the child's needs at any time and from time to time whilst the child is enrolled with the School. This may include requiring the child to repeat one or more academic year(s).

4. The Fees

  • On acceptance of the Application, the Parent shall pay the Annual School Fees on a termly basis as advised and all other fees payable as per the Schedule of Fees (including the refundable deposit) relevant for that academic year, within the time frame as stated in the Acceptance letter. Please note that Schedule of Fees is reviewed annually and indicates the current fee schedule and may not be applicable for subsequent academic years. The School reserves the right to revise the Schedule of Fees as and when deemed necessary.
  • The Fees for each term are payable before the commencement of each term. The School reserves the right to restrict the Student's attendance in classes until all fees have been settled.
  • If the Parent fails to settle any sums due to the School,  the School shall reserve the right to withhold all examination results, certificates and/or school records of the Student.
  • A late payment penalty of an additional 10%  shall be imposed on outstanding amount due to the school.

5. Withdrawal from School

  • To withdraw a Student from the School, the Parent shall be required to serve the School with a one (1) term written notice ('the Notice') / prior to the commencement of the final term which the Student will be studying in the school, failing which the deposit held with the School will be forfeited. The Notice shall set out the date of such withdrawal (the last day of the Student's attendance). If the Student is not withdrawn from the School on the said last day of attendance, a fresh notice of withdrawal shall be served on the School and the same conditions shall apply to the refund of the deposit. This clause shall apply equally in the case of the prolonged absence of the Student from the School.
  • Where a Student withdraws from the School and re-applies for admission within three (3) academic terms from the date of withdrawal, no Application Fee shall be payable by the Student to the School upon re-application (subject to availability of place and acceptance by the School). All fees due to the School by the Student for re-admission shall be at the then prevailing rate and shall be paid prior to such re-admission.

6. Deposits and Refund

  • All deposits paid to the School shall under no circumstances be treated as payment of the school fees or any other fees or payments due to the School and shall not be used to set-off any other amounts due and payable by the Parent.
  • All monies refundable under the terms and conditions hereof shall be refunded free of interest. All such monies shall be claimed by the Parent within one (1) year from the date the Student ceases to be a student of the School, failing which all such monies shall be transferred to the School Improvement Fund to be used in such manner as the Fund deems fit and necessary. Upon transfer, the Parent and/or the Student shall have no claims whatsoever in respect of the said monies.

7. Suspension and termination

  • The School shall be entitled to suspend and/or expel a Student if, in the absolute discretion of the School, the Student has breached the rules and regulations of the School and/or misbehaves or conducts himself/herself in a manner unbecoming of a Student.
  • In addition to the rights of expulsion as stated above, the School reserves the right to withdraw a Student from the School for any reasons whatsoever and at the full discretion of the Principal/Head of School.
  • In the interest of the Student and/or other students of the School, the Principal/Head of School may prohibit the Student from attending the School for such a period as deemed necessary if the Principal/Head of School is of the opinion that the Student may be a risk or danger to the other students of the School. The Parent and/or the Student shall, in such circumstances, have no claims whatsoever against the School arising from any such action taken by the School.

8. School Attendance

  • Unless excused on medical grounds or other compelling, cogent reasons or prior approval of the School is obtained, a Student must regularly attend classes, participate in relevant school, camps or extra curriculum activities and sit for examinations applicable to the Student, failing which the School shall be entitled to take such action as it deems appropriate, including requiring the Student to repeat (an) academic term(s) or to be withdrawn from the School.
  • For non-Malaysian citizens, admission to, and continued status as a student of the School, is conditional on the Student possesing a valid visa/pass issued and/or endorsed by the Malaysian Immigration Department. The Parent shall keep the School informed of any change in the status of the Student during his/her enrolment at the School.

9. Emergency and Liability

  • In case of emergency and if the Parent or emergency contact are unable to be contacted, the Parent hereby consents and authorises the Principal/Head of School to call for the medical examination of the Student or to send the Student to a clinic/medical centre. All expenses incurred thereby shall be borne by the Parent.
    The Parent agrees that the School shall not be liable for any loss and damage suffered as a result of death, personal injury or loss of any kind whatsoever which the Student may sustain at any time either within the School premises or elsewhere which is not attributable to the negligence of the School, its staff or employees.

10. Photographs and images

  • The Parent hereby gives consent to the School to take such photographs, images, recordings, works or derivative works of the Student and to use, free of charge, such photographs, images, recordings, works or derivative works in any media and for whatever purpose the School shall deem fit.

11. Release and Indemnity for activities and trips

  • I fully understand and accept that while every precaution and care will be taken by the School, participation in school activities may carry with it certain risks which cannot be eliminated. I acknowledge and accept all of the inherent risks associated with the Student's participating in school activities and the possibility of personal injury, property damage or loss resulting from them and agree to assume all the risks and waive notice of all conditions, danger or otherwise, in or about the school activity.
  • I agree to release, save harmless and indemnify the School, its employees, invitees, volunteers and agents (herein collectively called "the Personnel") from and against all claims, actions, causes of action, costs, expenses whatsoever in respect to injury, loss or damage to my child or property, in connection with him/her taking part in school activities or while traveling to and from the activity unless caused by act or negligence of the School or the Personnel.
  • I further understand, acknowledge and agree that at any time the School reserves the right to accept or decline continued participation to any persons, including the Student, if in the judgment of any of the Personnel the Student's behaviour is causing unreasonable disturbance or danger to himself/herself or any other participants or to the School.