Scholarships at Crescendo-HELP International School

The Board of Directors have agreed to present a scholarship to exceptional students wishing to join CHIS. There will be a number of full scholarships which are to be known as Principal’s Scholarships awarded to students with exceptionally positive results and attitudes to their studies.

Another range of scholarships offering a discount against the published rates, to be known as Board Scholarships, is for academic prowess or other specific exceptional talent or skill such as representing their area, region, city, state or country for sports/academic purposes.

Scholarships will be awarded to successful applicants joining Crescendo-HELP School in Year 7 and Year 10. The Year 7 scholarship will remain with the student until they complete Year 11:  the Year 10 Scholarship will remain with the student for the two years of their IGCSE Studies.  The Scholarships will remain active as long as the student maintains the standards achieved to be awarded a Scholarship.

For further clarification, kindly refer to school office via 07- 861 6788 or email at