Safety and Security

Campus Security and Safety Procedures

Crescendo-HELP International School is committed to establishing a safe and secure working and learning environment for students, staff, visiting family members and contractors and/or visitors.

In addition to external features – detailed below – the School will incorporate safe self-awareness elements into its citizenship and leadership curriculum.

Being aware of one’s circumstances and unusual activities nearby can be a great asset for self-safety in these modern times, in school or even more so when transferable to being ‘out-and-about’.

Access and Movement Around CHIS

Crescendo International School has invested in an extensive Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) network covering all entrances, corridor areas and stairwells. This will allow the School to monitor movements of students, staff and visitors during transition times and to identify any areas of concern as they arise.

In addition, Crescendo-HELP International School has installed a school-wide Public Announcement system in the main building so all areas can be informed of activities and notices as and when necessary.

School Guards will be located at the main entrance to CHIS and at building entry points as well as in communal areas. With CCTV and card-pass entry gates at the main entrance, there will be a close check on all vehicular entries: passes for staff and parents will be supplied.

All visitors and/or contractors without a pass will need to surrender their IC Card/Driver’s License before entry is allowed: ALL visitors and contractors MUST wear and display their visitor passes at all times within the School premises. All visitors without a pass and all contractors will need to surrender their IC Card/Driver’s License before entry allowed: ALL visitors and contractors MUST wear and display their visitor passes.

CHIS Dismissal Route Plan

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No student will be permitted to leave the School Campus without their named driver, parent or guardian or other confirmed arrangements at the end of their school day. Any changes to regular arrangements must be informed in person to the School Office who will inform the student and the member of staff on duty. If no notification is received the student will need to remain in school until fresh arrangements are made by the parents directly with the School Office.

At all break and lunch times, members of staff will be on duty as will the school guards to supervise areas and the activities of students.

There are designated parking and drop-off areas for parents and these must be adhered to as must the speed limit on the School perimeter road: vehicles must only be parked in designated areas. Offenders parking on the road will be given a cautionary notice but if repeated, then a temporary ban on entry will be imposed by the Principal.

Student Attendance

Crescendo-HELP International School will be operating a School Management System - iSAMS which will have the facility to track student’s attendance. iSAMS is a browser-based management information and administration system for schools.  It will enable staff to inform the Office when a student is absent from registration so that a follow-up call can be made to the parents/ guardians. Similarly, if a parent/guardian contacts the school, the Office staff can place a note against the child’s name to inform the teacher.

On the same system it is possible for teachers, especially useful in the Secondary Classes, to record class by class attendance with the ‘new lesson’ teacher being able to see whether the now absent student was in attendance at the previous lesson.

As written in the Application for Admission Form, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to ensure their son/daughter attends each school day: holidays and non-emergency medical visits should be arranged during school holidays and after school hours. Whenever a student is absent, it is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to inform the School Office and to give the reason for the absence.

It should be noted that CCAs are considered an essential part of the school days and once joined should not be considered an optional period in school; it becomes part of your son’s/daughter’s timetable for the duration of the CCA.

As a parent/guardian, if you are unable to drop-off your son/daughter on time for some reason, you must make every effort to inform the School Office and similarly at Collection Time, if you are going to be late please inform the school as this can cause distress for students.

Health and Safety Issues

The School’s Health and Safety Committee will regularly assess safety issues on their monthly ‘care-walks’: from chipped stairs to cracked tiles; from loose handrails to poorly working showers. The H&S Committee will also investigate concerns raised from the Student Council and from Colleagues.

The School Nurse will be part of the H&S Committee and she/he will implement any MOE initiatives and inform parents of safety issues from ‘nits’ to viral infections to dealing with poor air conditions, as they occur. Students who wish to be excused from school early due to illnesses or any other circumstances must notify the school office or school nurse.

Students must refer to school nurse if they are feeling unwell and wish to leave the school early. Parents are also required to fill in the Exit Pass obtainable from the school office when picking up their child from school.

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Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) - Covid 19

The Ministry of Education (MOE) has shared the required SOP for schools (National and International) and it is mandatory for schools to comply with those requirements. SOP documents for Staff, Students, Parents and Visitors have been prepared separately to ensure that everyone in the school community plays their part to curb COVID 19 outbreak, and following new health and safety protocols.

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