After taking our CAT4 or the GL Tests for Years 1 and 2, the School will have an awareness of the learning profile of your son/daughter. Often – but not always – the use of English is a weaker result but if the other areas show a good range of success, it gives us the confidence that a less-successful English-user will soon accumulate more confidence in the English they have and soon make up ground as all subjects will be delivered in English.

It is planned that in the coming years CHIS will retain this approximate ratio, though as locally appointed staff receive ongoing training and develop their own skills and expertise, the reliance of additional expatriate staff may be eased in the longer term. Much depends on the range of subjects and ages as well as growing numbers and whether the local staffing availability has the range of skills and talents we will need in the future.

The only additional costs are for the school uniform items and the text and exercise books needed. All CCA delivered by staff are free to the students though outsourced providers will charge their coaching fees.

We accept enrolments starting from Year 1 with children aged 5 to 6 years old. Besides age, CHIS admission criteria for entry into respective year groups are also based on student’s completed year group as well as results from the school report and entrance assessment. Final decision is at the discretion of the Principal.

7.50 am to 2.30 pm (Monday to Thursday, without CCAs)

7.50 am to 12.15 pm (Friday, without CCAs)

7.50 am to 3.10 (Monday to Thursday, without CCAs)

7.50 am to 1.15 pm (Friday, without CCAs)

Parents and guardians will have easy access to meet the teachers and school leadership by appointments made beforehand. They will be available regularly to meet parents face-to-face, or can be contacted via email. Besides that, the school will also occasionally organise a Parent Teacher Student Conference (PTSC) every academic year. This is for parents to meet up and discuss with teachers of their child’s learning progress in school.

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