Our Philosophy

We understand that for parents the choice of school for their son/daughter is a major decision and as you have decided Crescendo-HELP International School is most suited for your child, we will have the privilege of guiding and encouraging them through the exciting stages of their learning and development. This is not a responsibility we take lightly, as we have been entrusted to educate and care for your child for large portions of his/her waking day. We strive to offer diverse and interesting learning opportunities and look at ways for your child to excel and develop in academic, sporting, artistic, social and leadership situations.

By encouraging self-determination and the importance of individual responsibility, we aim to encourage your child to make considered decisions and to take pride in his/her accomplishments.

When joining Crescendo-HELP International School, we like to reinforce the idea that your son or daughter joins his or her class but the family joins the School as it is only by working together for the benefit of your child's learning that the best progress can be made. There may be occasions when teachers feel that a certain approach might benefit a child's development in a certain area which may be different from previous approaches and of course by explaining this to parents and, as appropriate the child, all can evaluate and comment on its effectiveness.