Co-Curriculum Activities

CHIS's Co-Curricular Activity Program (CCA) is led by school staff, volunteer parents, or one of the many qualified organizations available to us in Johor State. Our diverse program is fun, engaging and educational. Students are highly encouraged to be involved. CCAs are held on campus from 2:45 PM until 3:45 PM for Primary students and to 3:10 PM until 4:10 pm for Secondary students.

The CCA information detailed below reflects the wide array of past and present programs. Please note that availability of any individual club or activity is subject to change.

CCAs List

  • Go Fitness (Primary)
  • Lego Builders(Primary)
  • Lego Builders(Primary)
  • Crafty Kids(Primary)
  • Creative puzzling (Primary)
  • Great gamers (Primary)
  • Fun Badminton (Primary)
  • Zumba (Primary)
  • Basketball (Primary)
  • Jolly Phonics (Primary)
  • Yoga (Secondary)
  • Basketball U13 School Team (Secondary)
  • Board Games (Secondary)
  • Glee Club (Secondary)
  • Table Tennis (Secondary)
  • Chess (Secondary)
  • Dodgeball (Secondary)
  • Careers (Secondary)
  • MEDIA Club (Secondary)
  • Badminton (Secondary)
  • Malaysia Performing Arts (Secondary)
  • Scrapbook Art & Craft (Secondary)
  • Art Guide IGCSE (Secondary)
  • Dance (Secondary)
House System

A traditional feature of many British schools is the placement of students in groups called Houses. The House system exists mainly to create an atmosphere of healthy competition, leadership and teamwork among students.

The House System at CHIS encourages students to work as part of a team and to embrace the concept that it is the taking part that matters.

Students can receive House Points for taking part in House Events held throughout the year for which Houses compete. They cover a wide range of knowledge and skills to ensure that all students can be involved in working towards the success of their team.

Houses also gain points for each member that receives a Merit Certificate. Points earned are collated and a House Cup is awarded at the end of the school year.

House symbols and their name: